Songs like Intro by the xx?
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I'm looking for songs similar to "Intro" by the xx. The vocals on the rest of the album weren't my style, but I really like the ambient, building, (mostly) instrumental sound of that one track. Schiller has a lot of similar songs I like as well.
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You might like Japanese instrumental hip hop: Nujabes, Himuki, etc? It's not quite the same thing. (Into is a great.)
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The genre you're looking for is "Post-Rock"

Some bands to start you out with:
Explosions in the Sky
Do Make Say Think
If These Trees Could Talk
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First things that came to mind... "Changes in the City" by Oneida and "Red Eye" by The Album Leaf.
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The Books
The Knife
Trespasser Williams
Beach House
Crystal Castles
Tame Impala
Silversun Pickups
Iron and Wine

I don't know. Just throwin shit out there.
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Here's what comes up for me:

A lot of the songs from the first Interpol album. "Stella" comes to mind.

The Cure sound like this sometimes, but I'm not a big enough fan to name particular songs.

The Cocteau Twins have this epic, instrumental quality a lot of the time.

Early New Order?
posted by oceanview at 11:28 PM on December 30, 2010 might also like m83. They seem to be a "Love it or Hate It" band, so YMMV. Still worth checking out though...
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