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Help me find/purchase a Vietnamese book

While in Vietnam, my fiancee saw a book about paper folding but she didn't have the cash on hand to buy it at the time. She's regretted it ever since, and hasn't been able to find it in our local vietnamese neighborhood's bookshop. Here's a link: Hướng Dẫn Thực Hiện Các Loại Thiệp Chúc Mừng

I can't tell if you can buy it off that site (we don't read Vietnamese). But can anyone either help me navigate the site, or show me where else I might find the book (and have it shipped to the US)? Thanks!
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I asked a Vietnamese friend about this site. They said that they site sells books and it allows you to choose the US (I presume your in the US) but it's not clear if they will actually ship to the US. Also they said that there seem to be some strange requirements for what domains it will accept for your email address, it wouldn't take their @qwest address but would take their @yahoo address.

My friend doesn't know of a US company that would get the book for you, they would get a friend in Vietnam to buy and ship it to them.
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Just showed the site to someone who reads Vietnamese and she thinks you can buy it from that site. My suggestion would be to email and ask them about international shipping; establishing a connection with an English speaker at the company might make things easier.
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Here is a Google translation of the International Delivery information page.
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