historical chronology
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What historical chronologies on the internet are available for free.

An example in book form (and web form I believe) is “The People’s Chronology”
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Well you do have the ability of sorting Wikipedia by year.
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My favorite timeline on the whole entire Internet is the Back to the Future timeline on Wikipedia. Though, that's not technically historical.
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You may find some stuff at the 'Teaching and Learning' pages of the Center for History and New Media website at George Mason University--for example, there's a timeline of the French Revolution (part of a much bigger, explorable resource) accessible through the 'World History Matters' bit. That website would probably be a good place to search for more.

Otherwise, doing a site search for 'timeline' or 'chronology' on museum websites might turn something up--for example, this timeline (not terribly detailed) of the development of Concorde from the National Museum of Scotland. Sorry not to be more help...
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