Ring Around The Collar
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What is the best way to get rid of ring around the collar from white (and light colored) dress shirts?

I do my own laundry and a I pre-treat the collars with the spray stuff, but the ring still is visible (although lightly). Is there anyway to prevent ring around the collar?
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Uhh... Wisk?

This forum might be helpful.

Also, Googling for "ring around the collar" turned up a lot of info.
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I have found soaking whites and light colored fabric (t-shirts, shirts, wash clothes) in Oxyclean or something similar gets this sort of stain out. I also do this with vintage linens I buy and it gets out ancient stains and general grime. I make a pretty strong solution with hot or warm water depending on the fabric and soak at least overnight and sometimes for more than 24 hrs.
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regular dish detergent (NOT dishwasher detergent) works for me. it gets the grease out. i just squirt down the length of the offending line and wash in warm water.
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This may sound snarky, but my mother used to yell at the TV in the 70s when the "ring around the collar" ads would come on... "Wash your neck better!"
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Oxyclean and mild scrubbing works quite well. Shockingly effective stuff.
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Used to work as a waiter, so white collars were a must. The most effective method I found was to soak the shirts in a dilluted sink of water/bleach overnight. Your shirt will resemble the sun. Note: this is bad idea for colored shirts.
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What ever stain remover or directly applied laundry detergent you use, I suggest you lightly scrub it into the stain with a tooth brush.
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