What to do with myself?
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So I have 7 weeks in an office with basically nothing to do. How should I be spending my time? Resources: Computer, desk chair, phone. Goals: Enlightenment, Entertainment, and/or Fast Cash

I recently got into Med school and so will be leaving my current place of employment at the end of the summer. Not being an ass, I alerted my employers to give them plenty of notice to find a replacement. Unfortunately, they've started shifting my work to other people so now I basically have 1-2 hours of work to do per day. They still need me to maintain a couple of high-profit projects so I'm not worried about being fired. And I can't leave because I've already spent my last two paychecks in my head as I will be dirt poor soon.

The question is: What should I do during the day? Does anyone know of a good way to make money or volunteer over the internet? Any good repositories of literature online? Where do you all spend your time when bored (besides here)
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There's always Project Gutenberg. I've been reading the Raffles stories myself.
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You can make some money as a biology tutor on brainmass.com .
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you two are geniuses, those look very promising indeed. I'm going to register for brainmass today and then start reading some Oscar Wilde....
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You can also start working on that novel or learn a language using Internet resources. When I was bored at a job once, I learned Inform and wrote a text adventure game. If you get tired of reading all day, you can take some of the time to be creative.
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You can be a "virtual" volunteer and help non-profits from afar (via computer). Just search for virtual opportunities on VolunteerMatch.
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Do some research (medical topics maybe?) and write some articles for Wikipedia.
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Help Project Gutenberg by becoming a proofreader here. Even a page a day helps!
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Learn a foreign language with Rosetta Stone or similar.
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