What awesome music is this?!
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What is the song in this youtube video?

Artist, Album and Song please... Shazam doesn't parse it accurately, and the youtube comments haven't been helpful... I really like this music!
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The song is Dreamscape by 009 Sound System (aka Alexander Perls).
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It says 009 Sound System - Dreamscape

song here
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There's a link to Amazon MP3.

It's by 009 Sound System, from the album Track One Recordings Vol. 1
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If you view the video inside the US, youtube lists the title/artist of the song in a little box right under the video description, along with links to buy it on iTunes/Amazon/eMusic. Apparently youtube doesn't show this to box to visitors in other countries, apparently because the referral links wouldn't function there. But you would think they would still show the artist and track name. That's probably why the comments haven't been helpful, because everyone just assumes that everyone can see the name of the track right there under the video.
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@Rhomboid — it works for me outside of the US linking the song to eMusic. Just make sure you don't set a location filter leaving the default to "Worldwide" by clicking Cancel. If that box doesn't show up, clear your cookies and refresh.
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