Vintage non-electric , gas burner based oven?
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A few decades ago there was this enamel coated oven contraption, resplendent with a small glass door that slid down, that you'd put on the gas burner, it would heat up from below and could then be used as an ordinary baking device. It had virtually no inner parts, aside from maybe a coil. They had them in Europe and Israel - what were they called? Are they still made? (It isn't the Wonder Pot).
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Was it something like a camping oven?
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Something like this?
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Here's one with a glass door, even. Although it looks like the glass in that one isn't heatproof.
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i think you'd just call it a stovetop oven...
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It's not what you're talking about, but might be a useful link anyway if you don't find what you're looking for - Remoska electric mini ovens.
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I'm guessing it is some sort of blech, especially since you mention it being available/used in Israel. I am having a hard time finding any sort of online example, however.
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We had one when I was a kid (which was more than "a few" decades ago), we called it a stove-top oven.
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Yes, it appears to be a stove-top oven - it was a bit more graceful than the camping ones, but yep - it appears to be that. Yes, esmerelda_jenkins I've also found it impossible to find a photo of one online - thought maybe there was a particular brand name that would make a search easier. BTW - these are not electric btw. Thanks everyone who answered. Maybe I can still find one around that's in good shape. Take care.
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