What are some must play maps for L4D and L4d2?
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What are some must play maps for Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 and where can I download them? I looked at l4dmaps.com but I'm looking for some recommendations rather than just ratings.
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On my phone, so sorry about no links, but here are a couple:

- Death Aboard: Probably the most well-done campaign I've tried. There are versions for both l4d1 and l4d2. Listed-ship level is epic, finale is ridiculous.
- 2 Evil Eyes: a pretty well-designed campaign. Deliberately tries to mislead the Survivors in a few spots, which can be extra fun in Versus! L4d2 only I think.
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Death Aboard 2
Diescraper Redux
City 17
Haunted Forest
Dead before Dawn

All of these maps were fun to play through and didn't have any game breaking bugs. Also you may want to head over to Mefightclub.com and check out the L4D(2) threads over there. You should find more map suggestions for you to try out.
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+1 for those 2 reccomendations...and l4dmaps.com is about the only place to find maps...the most comprehensive anyway, just a shame the downloads suck, and comments tend not to be all that useful.

Ratings there are good for telling if a map is at least playable, but there really aren't (m)any custom campaigns that are "must play"...I currently have 50 installed, and I think death-aboard is the only one I've played more than once.

A few more that aren't terrible:

Dead before dawn
City 17
7 hours later
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The Left 4 Dead 1 maps have been remade as Left 4 Dead 2 maps with just enough changes to be slightly mindbending. They're pretty awesome, but hard as the new specials can do some pretty horrible things to people on, say, stage 4 and 5 of No Mercy.
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Protip for faster downloads at l4dmaps.com: http://www.l4dmaps.com/downloads/maps/ has the maps available at much faster download speeds than the links on the map download page.
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