break timer for ADD boy?
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I am looking for a computer app that forces you to stop working at set intervals.

This is for my husband, so please help me help him. He needs a break timer for his Windows computer. We know we can Google it, but I am looking for suggestions from people who use one. Since he does not stop, he needs a timer that actually "locks" the computer at set intervals and forces him to stop. Any suggestions? We donʻt mind paying for it.
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Previously - lots of suggestions here
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Seconding Workrave! It's free! It gives you exercises to do during breaks if you want!
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NPR did a story on this just a few days ago. Probably an "All Tech Considered" bit.
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WorkRave is awesome. So thirding it.
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I've been using Useful Rest to force my eye breaks. It allows you to set your own work/break times.
There is a default,but you can change the break and work time easily. For my situation, I changed it to 20min/20min with no problem.
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nthing Workrave.
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