Mini-slide projector numeric display?
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What is this kind of numeric display called?

I saw a post somewhere that discussed a numeric display from the 50's-60's. As described, it had ten separate little lamps that, when lit, were like a little slide projector, illuminating a single digit.

I'd love to find this post, or more information. Maybe made in Russia?
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Are you thinking of Nixie tubes?
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Nixie tubes.
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Dammit, davey_darling!
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Response by poster: Sorry, not Nixie tubes. This display was literally ten lamps shining through ten slides and ten lenses focused onto one screen, but about 2 inches high. It was used like a Nixie tube or LED display.
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Is it possibly a Light Pipe?
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The generic term is "edge lit display". As in "edge lit holiday cards" or Scratchitti.
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Best answer: I don't think it's what you're describing, but when I went to nuc. power prototype, we had two ancient counter/scalers for our GM detectors. One had nixie tubes for the display; the other was even older. It had several panels of nine indicator lights in a tic-tac-toe pattern. The lights had a template over them, so that when the light lit, it displayed a numeral. Each tic-tac-toe pattern had the numbers 1-9 in it and represented a digit of the answer. While the thing was counting, you'd see the lights blink on and off in sequence like a 50's computer of the future! It was awesome. I wish I still had that.

Maybe what you're describing is on this page, which is mostly about Nixie tubes, but scroll down to "The Shape of Clocks to Come" heading.
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Best answer: Oh, yeah. That's got to be it. Try one-plane readout.
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man, I don't even know what to google for the thing I remember, in case that was it.
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Best answer: Nah, they're not the 'tic-tac-toe' type (we called them 'magic squares') displays and, although similar, they're not edge-lit or light pipes either - they're a true rear projection display just as Marky describes. In my old telco days we had a couple of event counters with them, and we just called them "RP counters" (where "RP" was short for "rear projection"). I'm pretty sure our counters were a locally-made thing, 'cos inside they were a mix of SE-50 (GEC/Marconi/BPO 4000-type) relays and earlier 2000-type (BPO) uniselectors. Likely the display units were from one of those manufacturers, though it's possible they came out of some military kit (many old-school exchange techs were ex-service pack-rats ;-)

There was another manufacturer-turned-generic term for them, and I'm wracking my brain to remember what it was, but I'm coming up with nothing at the moment.

(On preview: ctmf's got it, though they look positively modern compared to the ones we had! Pretty sure ours were made of Bakelite ;-)
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Response by poster: ctmf's got it, with the web page I remembered! Thanks everyone!
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