Punk rock PhD?
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Is there a list of rock and punk musicians who are also PhDs?

I've been trying to think of this for a while, but I've pretty much stopped at five. So far, the obvious ones are:

* Brian May of Queen (PhD in astrophysics)
* Greg Graffin of Bad Religion (PhD in zoology)
* Milo Aukerman of Descendents (PhD in Biochemistry)
* Franklin Bruno (PhD in philosophy)
* Daniel Snaith, aka Caribou (PhD in mathematics)

Any others? I don't think I've exhausted this.
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I don't know if you want to count Buffy Sainte-Marie as rock, but she's got a PhD in Fine Arts.
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And Sterling Morrison earned one in medieval studies.
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Sterling Morrison of Velvet Underground (PhD in medieval studies)

I couldn't find any other well known bands that had members with a PhD. It isn't that surprising, as the time when you would have been building up your band probably collides directly with when you would have been getting your PhD. I think it would be unlikely to finish a PhD and then embark on a rock music career, considering the time already invested and the cost. And getting a PhD after you are already a successful musician seems just as unlikely.
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Best answer: Here's a list.
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Graeme Downes of The Verlaines (PhD in music)
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Phil Alvin of The Blasters earned a PhD in mathematics from UCLA during the band's hiatus, I believe.
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Drew Daniel of Matmos in English.
Coulda sworn Nick Zammuto of The Books had a PhD, but looks I just assumed. I think he taught a seminar in physics at Williams.
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Vic Bondi of Articles of Faith has a PhD in history, and taught for a while at (I believe) either the University of Massachusetts or Northwestern.
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jng: No, Zammuto went to Williams but never taught there.
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This is a stretch, but Peter Weller, the actor who is also a jazz musician, is currently working on a PhD in art history from UCLA.

Dexter Holland from The Offspring was a PhD candidate in Molecular Biology from USC, but he dropped out. He has a Master's in Molecular Biology and a Bachelor's in Biology.
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Karl Precoda (Dream Syndicate): PhD in English from the University of Virginia.

Seth Kim-Cohen (The Fire Show, Number One Cup): PhD in Aesthetics from the University of London.

Robert Leonard (Sha Na Na... yeah, I know, not really punk rock, but still): PhD in linguistics from Columbia; as I understand it, he's actually a Pretty Big Deal in the field of forensic linguistics.

honorary mention: Dexter Holland (the Offspring): PhD candidate in molecular biology at University of So. California, but left the program for the band, man. (on preview: jinx!)
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Lane Pederson, drummer of the (fucking kickass awesome, well, at least the first two records were) punk band Dillinger Four was working toward a PhD in psychology, though I don't know if he finished it.
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Steve Mallinder, founding member of Cabaret Voltaire has a PhD in Music & Popular Culture.
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Sara C. - are you thinking of Brian Cox? Though he's more a PhD who was in a couple of bands than a musician who has a PhD...
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Dan Yemin (Kid Dynamite and Lifeline), PhD in Clinical Pysch
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Lane Pederson finished it! Time to go listen to Midwestern Songs of the Americas.
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John Tichy, formerly of Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen, has a PhD in mechanical engineering from Michigan, and was also a department head at RPI.
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do the members of the 21st Century Monads count?
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@russm: it's worth mentioning that Brian Cox's PhD (here) is in freakin' particle physics, and he devotes a lot of effort to science education and making science accessable to non-scientists. He's currently got a pretty nifty series on the Science channel (in US) called "Wonders of the Solar System". The girlfriend is addicted, and says of his calm style and sing-songy accent, "he could be talking about digging a ditch and I could listen to him all day".

Strikes me as someone I'd really like to get to know.
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