Companies that convert VHS to digital files?
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As a Christmas gift to my parents, I want to hire a company to convert my parent's old home movies on VHS to digital files. My parents and the VHS tapes are located in Ohio and I am in NYC, but I am willing to pay to have the VHS tapes shipped somewhere. I don't need to do this before Christmas, but I do want to know what reputable company will do this and the cost.

I will let my parents decide which VHS tapes to convert, but before offering this to them as a gift, I want to get a sense of how much it would cost. Can anyone recommend any companies that would do this or that you have experience with? Is there anything else I should know or anything I should avoid? I don't have time to do this myself, so I am not interested in DIY options. My parents probably have 30-40 tapes, but a good chunk of them aren't important and don't need to be converted.
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Best answer: Home Movie Depot. Best place in the world to trust with your childhood memories.

And MeMail me if they have anything of historical import--I'm always looking for home movies for use in documentaries. If your parents are standing around with someone famous--could be $$.
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If you have time, you can do it yourself fairly cheaply.

Just buy a VHS player for about $10 or $20 at most Goodwills, then buy the RCA to digital converter. I used the Dazzle DVD converter with a lot of success.
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Sorry, didn't see the last part about not having enough time. Ignore my previous comment.
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Sometimes local specialty photography stores do this; you might google up some photography/videography stores near your parents and see if you can find one near them that will do it and ask what they charge. You can drop off and pay, your parents can pick up!
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I've mostly just used them for scanning slides, but Costco does a good job at very reasonable prices.
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My friends run a company that does this exactly in NYC. DiJiFi. I've known the owners for 10 years and they are excellent, hardworking, honest folks. I haven't used the service, but yelp seems to back me up on their awesomeness.

Call 'em soon! This is the busy time of the year.
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Here's the yelp link:

Didn't stick the first time.
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Target does this.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. I went with Home Movie Depot because I can have a box sent to my parent's house and then they can just fill it and send it away to be converted. Since my parents and I don't live near one another, this was the best option for me.
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