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NPRfilter: Female singer (from the 50s?) mentioned on NPR in the last week. She was characterized by the music critic as never overdoing vocal tricks, sining minimally and "just the right amount". The singing sample had very little musical backing. She retired early at the height of her popularity after getting sick of the music business.

I believe the singer was African-American. This might have been on Fresh Air but I can't find it in the archives, nor those of All Songs Considered. The show/clip was a rapid-fire list of various female artists with distinctive vocal styles. I got distracted after driving home and forgot to look her up immediately. My google-fu fails -- nothing twigs my memory on the usual "top 10" lists of jazz or rock female singers from that era.
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I heard this too. The segment interviewed the author of a new reference book on the Great American Songbook.
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Maybe you could say where you are or what station you were listening to and what time it must have been when you were driving home? That could narrow it down to a show.
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And here is the interview in question.
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"never singing more than necessary":

Jeri Southern
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crap. what happened to my link? Jeri Southern. She's the first singer profiled.
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I work at Fresh Air and am pretty sure it wasn't on our show. Our music historian's (Ed Ward) archives are here...
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I heard that interview, too, but I was more interested in Blossom Dearie - the singer who sang the SchoolHouse Rock videos. Turns out she really has that little girl voice and she was a jazz singer way before doing Unpack Your Adjectives.

What a great book/interview. I'll have to re-listen when I get home.
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Thanks everyone! Southern's voice is fantastic -- I'm off to burn off some itunes credits.
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