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Does anyone know what's up with Point Isabel (in Richmond, CA) and dogs foaming at the mouth?

I just got back from taking the dogs to Point Isabel. Almost as soon as we arrived they started producing massive amounts of foam around their mouths. Simply sniffing the grass seemed to induce this. They didn't eat or drink anything. At first I was worried something there could be poisoning them, but as I looked around I noticed most of the dogs were foaming. So I'm just wondering if anyone knows what in the world might cause this?
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Best answer: My dog foams at the mouth when she sniffs the scents (specifically urine) of other dogs. Y(D)MMV.
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There has been so much toxic waste dumped at Point Isobel over the years that I wouldn't discount the "poisoning" theory. That place is a mess.
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Our dog foams at the mouth at our local dog park and no where else. I've wondered what caused it. It's happened for years.
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My dog foams at the mouth when she plays in the creek in the park. I always assumed it was due to licking slimy rocks.
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Bizarre. I have taking my dog to Pt. Isabel for years and I have never noticed this. I'll be interested to see what pops
up in this thread, tho.
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Best answer: According to this vet site:

"Dogs that play hard or are exerting a lot of energy may foam at the mouth. When the dog is exerting a lot of energy, he may salivate heavily. As he exerts energy or effort, his breathing becomes rapid and the air of the heavy breathing turns the saliva into a froth or foam."

Also, "A dog that gets a nasty taste in his mouth may salivate and pant, developing foam that lingers around its mouth."

And, "Stress or anxiety may be another cause for your dog to foam at the mouth. Drooling can be triggered by a nervous reaction. The drool, combined with the rapid breathing of a stressed or anxious dog, can build up foam around his mouth."

Hard to imagine that a species which enjoys eating feces considers any taste "nasty", but any of these seems like plausible reasons for foaming on a fun outing, though exertion from play is the likely culprit in my opinion. My dogs foam happily at the dog park...
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone!
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