Exchange calendar limit?
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Is there a limit to the number of Exchange (Google) calendars I can sync to an iphone 4? I can sync my primary calendar and one additional Exchange calendar, but I cannot get my second exchange calendar to show up.

I have selected all of my calendars using on the phone.

I have turned the calendar sync off and on again using the Settings menu on the iPhone. Everything repopulates nicely, but nothing shows up from calendar #3.

What am I missing, MeFites?

Thanks for your help.
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I'm not sure if it's the same thing (I don't totally understand how this works myself) but to have my other google calendars show up on the iPhone Calendar App, my settings only worked when I chose the calendar from "sync", at My iphone was available and the calendars I checked there eventually showed up in the calendar App.

I use only one Google exchange account from which I select which calendars sync using the "sync" options page of Google. (unrelated to the question, but I also have another exchange account, work-related, which syncs its calendar with the google ones on the App)

Hope that helps!
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Wow. The link I mentioned didn't work but yours did! Thanks!
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Weird - I use 5 different hosted Microsoft Exchange calendars with my iPhone (plus one that actually syncs through Google) with no issues.

(Thanks iOS 4+ - previously you could only do a single MSFT Exchange account)
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