How much do I give to the "employee holiday fund" in my co-op?
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NYC Co-op Filter: I live in a co-op building, and it's the time of year for the "holiday gift fund" for the building employees…

The point of the fund is recognize not only the doormen, but the porters and handymen as well. Better put, those "behind the scenes" of keeping the building in order.

I should say there are perhaps 15 to 20 individuals who work for the building; the building has approximately 320 units.

What is your suggested amount to donate/tip? I feel comfortable tipping $200, does that sound right?
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It sort of depends on your neighborhood. How nice is the building? What is the income level of the residents? You may want to speak to someone on your board and see if they have a suggestion.
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We are rent-stabilized renters in what has become a "luxury" condo with 96 units. We have 10 people to tip, and are doing $40 per person. It's a bit higher than we would tip generally, but we missed last year because I was in the hospital trying not to die. My instinct is that the people who own their units are tipping more (or are expected to).

However, tipping in NYC is highly subjective. In my previous building, there was no doorman, and one super. I would give him $100 a year because he accepted all of my packages in addition to the usual stuff, which was a major convenience.

Here's a recent article on Gothamist. From what I read, I feel like I don't tip enough sometimes. But then I remember that I work in non-profit, not on Wall St., and some of these doormen might make more than I do.
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It's so subjective. We generally tip 100 for the super and 50 for the doormen and handymen. I have no idea where that puts us compared to others in our building.
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You might suggest to your coop board for next year that they send around a letter requesting a specific donation amount from each unit -- I think that saves a lot of trouble.
That way, the board can also split the tips fairly between workers. The system I'm most familiar with is $200 per unit (300 units) for 10 people (not in NYC though!); it's disbursed based on how long the individual has worked at the building and whether he's part time or full time.
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My board usually suggests a recommended amount - is there someone (a board member perhaps?) you can ask?
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$200 a unit for 320 units for 15-20 people seems like a heck of a lot of money. I think that would more than enough.
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