Firmware change?
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Is there a mod for my Samsung BluRay player that will let me steam everything, not just the Pandora/Blockbuster/Netflix/YouTube that it streams? It's connected wirelessly to the web, can it be changed to point to another URL?
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do you have the actual model number? that would be helpful. I doubt you could do much more than add DNLA streaming of local media...
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It uses various apps to do Netflix, YouTube, etc. Think like iOS apps, except that they're Samsung apps.

You would have to find firmware that included a web browser or configurable media player or something, which would be a fairly substantial project (not impossible, but I'm doubtful anyone has spent the time required to implement a web browser on top of Samsung's box).
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Seeing as how even one of Samsung's own firmware updates managed to render my Samsung blu-ray into a brick, be aware that fooling with the firmware is risky business.
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