What's this British show about animals?
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Name That Show-filter: My family is in search of the name of a British show. It had footage of real animals on a farm in Britain in winter, spring, summer and fall - four episodes total. There was a voiceover which gave them names and characters - one notable scene involved Mr. Weasel eating Mr. Rabbit (not their real names - also, may have been a fox). Help?

Additional tidbits:

There were snails!

It mostly involved wildlife, rather than domesticated creatures; however, there were kittens who drank milk from a cow.

One episode had to do with caterpillars and frogs...

It was generally directed toward children.

This is all we can remember. :) Anybody?
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Springwatch (wiki) looks like it meets some of your criteria.
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Response by poster: Alas, that doesn't seem to be it... Thanks, though, MonkeyToes.

They're telling me they forgot to add in the original question that this was likely from the 1990s, so not something modern. The combined google-fu of three people here is failing utterly!
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Something by Johnny Morris - Animal Magic or Tales from the Riverbank?
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Probably not even close (but delightful, nonetheless) but maybe James Herriot's All Creatures Great and Small?
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Response by poster: Unfortunately, we seem to be somewhat stumped. :(

Tales from the Riverbank seems very close, but isn't it - these were animals just doing what animals do naturally, no props or artifice except for the voiceovers that imparted personality and purpose to their actions. (Tales from the Riverbank is wonderful, though! I want to watch it now!)

msconduct, we -adore- All Creatures Great and Small! I grew up on James Herriot's books. It is delightful, truly, but not what we're thinking of at the moment.

It's taken me so long to reply because I did in fact go through both of the lists that MonkeyToes posted, searching and looking the names up on youtube if any looked likely, but no dice. Perhaps because this was such a short run - my mother is fairly insistent that there were ONLY four episodes, making it more of a mini-series than a "show."

Ah well! Perhaps it'll crop up someday. It was a long shot anyway - thanks for all the answers, guys!
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And it wasn't "Milo and Otis," broken up into four pieces?

British accents (Dudley Moore voicing the critters, IIRC), seasons, farm setting (partly), has Mr. Fox, and there is a frog scene.
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