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I need help finding inexpensive metal rings with a single letter on them.

In an attempt to change some habits, I've decided that as a concrete reminder that some nice-looking rings, each with a letter on them (that has a meaning to me) may do the trick. I would like them to be silver in color, kinda elegant, and less than 10 bucks a pop. The idea is that everytime I look an see the "P" on my finger I will straighten my posture, or when I put on the "T" before I go out to the bars I will remember to talk less.
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Look on ebay, real silver rings are about 10 bucks each
posted by lee at 10:16 AM on April 8, 2005

These are a little higher than your price range - but appear to be exactly what you're after.
I'd also check local flea markets - around here - tables full of sterling rings. Also try the accessories stores at the mall targeted at young girls. Initials are on everything right now - your need could be well timed
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Charm bracelets are pretty big around here, in both male and female styles. You could snap in whatever letters you'd like to concentrate on for the day. That way you wouldn't have to wear multiple rings.

I could use an "XYZ" series often.
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Try these which are just under your price range depending on quantity. Engrave with a Dremel tool and off you go.
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