My Gmail is scrambled!
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My Gmail 'standard view' is garbled - the icons, text, and other elements are placed randomly over the screen. Help!

This began when I started tethering my HTC Desire HD to my computer. Images in my browser began to be displayed in low quality (i.e. a lot of dithering) and my Gmail became scrambled unless I viewed it in 'basic html' mode. I figured it was due to the slow speed of my phone's GPRS connection.

Now that I'm using a decent wifi connection again, these problems are persisting! Please help!

I'm using Chrome 8 on Windows 7.
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is your browser set to use an image caching proxy by your phone/cell provider? in Chrome that's under the wrench, options, under the hood...
posted by jrishel at 6:53 PM on December 9, 2010

Response by poster: I've checked under all the options, and even restored Chrome to its default settings but it seems to have made no difference. Gmail is still the same.
posted by edbyford at 2:24 AM on December 10, 2010

Response by poster: I've just uninstalled the HTC Sync software (as a precaution), and cleared my Chrome cache. Facebook images seem to be normal now.

However Gmail is still scrambled!

posted by edbyford at 2:31 AM on December 10, 2010

clear your browser cache and then reload gmail.
posted by jrishel at 6:11 AM on December 10, 2010

Response by poster: I've tried that - it's not working I'm afraid! Any other suggestions?
posted by edbyford at 7:25 AM on December 10, 2010

Only on chrome or does this effect firefox ie, etc, also?
posted by empath at 7:27 AM on December 10, 2010

Does it work in other browsers? When I have that problem in Firefox I hit to reload the style sheet and it fixes it. Does chrome have a similar command?
posted by Four Flavors at 10:21 AM on December 10, 2010

I hit control + F5, that is.
posted by Four Flavors at 10:41 AM on December 10, 2010

Response by poster: It's only in Chrome, Gmail loads fine in IE.

I tried pressing Control + F5, Shift + F5... neither works. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Any other ideas?
posted by edbyford at 2:25 AM on December 11, 2010

Response by poster: I re-installed Chrome - that's fixed it. Thanks for your help! :)
posted by edbyford at 3:41 AM on December 11, 2010

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