Indoor vegetarian BBQ recipes?
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I got mad crazy BBQ cravings going on here. Difficulty: Vegetarian and wintertime!

My thoughts are consumed with rich smoky BBQ sauce goodness and satisfying these cravings as a vegetarian in winter on the prairies is going to make this tricky. My BBQ is buried under a mass of snow, and I can't even open the door my deck anyhow.

In short: I'm looking for recipes that are full of BBQ glory and can be made vegetarian and indoors. Hope me MeFis!
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Seitan ribs.
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Annie's Original BBQ Sauce and Nate's Chicken-Style Nuggets worked pretty well for me.
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BBQ pizza (barbecue sauce, red onions, cilantro, cheese, smoked paprika, maybe some jalapeƱos or pineapple if you want to get crazy).
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I've never had this but a friend has a recipe for BBQ mock duck that they enjoy.
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They are certainly not gourmet and don't require a recipe, but these were always one of my favorite treats when I was a vegetarian. Easy to micro, and then just boil some corn to go with them.
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I recommend liberal application of liquid smoke to any or all of these creations.
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There's a place here in Indianapolis that serves an amazing BBQ Tempeh sandwich with a side of roasted sweet potatoes. This recipe looks to be similar.

Served open-face and drowning in sauce, the dish looks like an absolute disaster, but is super delicious.
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TofuBQ was a staple for us. 1 pkg cheap tofu (whole foods, trader joe, anyplace in east-asia-town) chopped and put in the oven on broil to harden up a bit with a rub. Meanwhile saute onion and garlic. Mix it all up with sauce / sauce recipe of choice and serve on a toasted bun. The texture you get is excellent.
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I love me some vegetarian BBQ! Usually I do tempeh or seitan on a toasty roll topped with coleslaw. But for an interesting slow-cooker winter-time treat you might want to try these BBQ pulled jackfruit sandwiches. It's definitely hell of different and the jackfruit gets all fall-aparty and fork tender. Again, I like coleslaw on mine. Also fried pickles.
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