Advise on changing BoD election procedures
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What sort of lawyer or accounting firm would be best to advise a large NGO who is re-evaluating the way board members are elected?

The NGO I work for is considering changing the way that board members are elected. Currently, election is based on plurality of vote by a membership body. But over the years, this body has grown very large, and there is a sense that this type of voting is no longer meeting the needs of the organization. Several types of ranked choice methods are being considered. Once the decision is made, we will also need outside council to oversee/audit the election each year. So what type of professional or firm do we need to advise the process and oversee future elections?
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Were you in Canada, I'd recommend the Institute On Governance. They're not lawyers or accountants, but they advise on board structure, bylaws and effectiveness. I'm sure there are US-based equivalents.
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Response by poster: Oh... sorry. This is a US organization based in NYC.
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Best answer: A lot of of the "BigLaw" firms have sophisticated practices devoted to tax exempt organizations (often centered around advising exempt entities invest their endowment, but the experience will also cover governance issues--really, everything that exempts have to think about).

Depending on your budget, you could either seek out their representation on a fee basis to a review and overhaul of your governance, or you could see if any is willing to work with you on a pro-bono basis. You may be too big for a firm to be willing to work with you on a pro-bono basis if you are "very large," but you can try.

If you contact the NYC Bar, they should be able to point you in the right direction (either for a pro-bono clearinghouse, or for firms that have good exempt practices).
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I would check with the United Way of NYC. Most United Ways offer consultation to NGOs regarding Board organization/participation.
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Response by poster: Budget isn't an issue... we can pay for the services, although pro-bono services are always welcome. It's more just an issue of knowing what direction to go in and what to ask for.
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Admiral Haddock nailed it.
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