UK in NL? in HD ?
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[UK FREESAT] Can I use my SKYBOX dish/white cable to watch Freesat+HD from the Netherlands ?

Hello. We live in the Netherlands. My girlfriend managed to have her Sky satellite dish installed and we have the SkyBox plugged in, and we can receive the free channels (bbc, itv, channel4 etc).

Now we would like to change the box so to be able to record tv programs. Adding HD also nice, although not our first priority.

Is it really as easy as ordering a freesat+hd receiver and replace the skybox? Will it work abroad (i know it shouldn't be done) as the Sky does ?
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According to the Freesat website you can just plug your Freesat box into the Sky dish and it will just work.
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Response by poster: You would expect that, but for some reason searching around in expat forums, you find a lot of comments about problems on ITV channels, channel 4 or maybe five ?
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