Is There a Guidebook for Being a Swiss Expat in the United States?
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Please recommend a guidebook for a Swiss person moving to the United States.

I'm looking for this as a (slightly humorous) gift for an American who has been living in Switzerland for three years and is now moving back to the U.S. It should be something along the lines of Spain: The Expat Survival Guide, but for a Swiss person being an expat in the U.S. The giftee has been living in Lausanne, so something aimed at people from the French-speaking part of Switzerland would be best, but it's not a requirement.
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Best answer: Not specific to Switzerland, but Culture Shock: USA might be entertaining.
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Gebrauchsanweisung fur Amerika by Paul Watzlawick
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A soldiers Daughter Never Cries
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Response by poster: So maybe something that specific doesn't exist, but I got Culture Shock! USA: A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette, and it went over well.
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