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Brazil [Aracaju] filter: Best places and prices for dry cat food, 2 ex-pats new to country there right now and they are on a budget and need to find a source. Small stores only seem to have high priced editions.
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At least in Paraguay, dry cat food was difficult to find, horribly expensive, and of poor quality. If you don't have any luck, you may consider making your own for a bit until you can locate a decent source.
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Have you tried any of the large supermarket chains? G.Barbosa, Atacadão, Hiper (actually Wal-Mart) all have stores in Aracaju. Atacadão makes specific mention of a pets section, so it's probably your best bet.
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Hmm, the link should have been this
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Makro is a big wholesale store that doesn't require memberships. There's one in Aracaju. They might be a good source, as are the stores mentioned by needled. (I'm not 100% sure that Makro has a pet section as I haven't shopped there in a few years but I *know* that the ones needled mentioned all have them and should carry larger bags.)

It's also worth mentioning that cats are just not as common of pets in Brazil so there probably won't be the variety in food that your friends are used to.
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Get the phone book and call the stores to ask prices. Prices vary a lot, and many businesses deliver for cheap or free.
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