Customized Deals/Coupons Alerts, Does It Exist?
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Are there any sites that offer customized deal/coupon alerts/emails/RSS feeds based on categories or stores/brands that I like?

FatWallet has some email alerts which kind of work, but I'd love to be able to enter which stores/items I'm looking for, and get a daily/weekly update on what deals are out there. For example, if I really like, say, Ben Sherman, it'd be great not to miss a big sale, or a Friends and Family coupon. If I'm looking for a new external hard drive, wherever someone finds a deal on them, I'd like to be in the loop.
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Isn't that what groupon does?
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I subscribe to dealnews RSS alerts. You can tailor them by category. I have several categories (travel, kitchen, popular, etc) appearing in my feed. It's maybe not quite as granular as you are looking for, but it's an easy headline scan.

Be aware though: you will find yourself buying stuff you don't need just because a set of 20 knives is $4 at Random Obscure Store.

Also, often by the time the items in the "popular deals" land in my RSS reader, the item is out of stock or the deal is over.
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You might also check out in addition to mentioned above. You are able to register a free account and track up to five different search parameters. They also have an RSS feed.

Slick Deals is community-driven and thus has all certain shortcomings (it's not a price comparison engine) and advantages (a thorough vetting of all deals by real people and an active community) thereof. They use a user-submitted rating system to analyze the value of all deals which is very helpful when you're trying to find something for extra cheap.
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Shop It To Me (tx previous AskMe)
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