What gift for a work colleague in the US?
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What can I send to a female colleague in the US?

I want to send a birthday gift to a colleague in the US. I'm in Canada. It needs to be there Tuesday. She is late 20's, and a hometown sort of girl.

I'm thinking of something from Amazon, but I have no idea what.

Looking for ideas! thanks
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This is really hard to answer without way more info. Amazon sells pretty much everything one can think of. What kinds of stuff does she like to do? What does "hometown sort of girl" mean?
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How well do you know her? How much are you looking to spend? Without anything else to go on, I'm pretty sure she'd be happy with a 50" plasma TV and a bathtub full of money.

Realistically, though, maybe a nice scarf? I like scarves. Or a book? Something from Etsy?
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Response by poster: That's the point. Even though I speak to her every day, I really don't know much about her.

I'm just curious to see if there are any good alternatives to flowers / candy.
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What message are you trying to send? Is sending birthday gifts typical in your workplace? (It's not in most of the places I've worked, and I'd assume, upon getting a gift from a male, remote colleague that I wasn't really good friends with outside of work, that he was trying to send a vaguely romantic message.)

There's a big difference between a strictly platonic coworker gift and a hey-I-LIKE-like-you gift, I think.
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If you don't know anything about her, then get a gift card. That way she can pick out whatever she wants. Some people think they're impersonal but I know I'd rather be able to pick out whatever I want than have someone who doesn't know me try to pick out some random tchotchke.

Besides, if its a work colleague then somewhat impersonal is probably preferable.
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Response by poster: Gift Card sounds like a good idea.
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If she lives in a city with an Edible Arrangements, they are in the same category as flowers and candy but a little more interesting. I've never heard of someone receiving one and not being impressed.
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No offense intended, 256, but I was given an Edible Arrangement once and I was not impressed. I mean, yes, they're pretty but in the end...it's just fruit. I like fruit as much as the next guy and perhaps I'm just a nasty, gift-grubbing a-hole but I don't want fruit as a gift. Of course the thought counts and I was happy that someone wanted to give me something...I just wish it hadn't been that.

Seconding gift card.
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What kind of work do you do that involves this colleague? There are neat yet impersonal gifts (coffee mugs, mouse pads and stuff like that) on ThinkGeek.com and Zazzle.com. If you have some kind of shared interest (geek jokes, Dr. Who, comic books, whatever) you could get her a little something for her workspace.
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Newton's Cradles are always fun.
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How about a Zappo’s gift certificate.
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