What to learn next?
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What to do next? I've been working in software testing for the past 15 years, currently in management and less hands on than I am used to be. I'm starting to realize I am happier in a more hands on role and would like to develop some scripting skills.

In the past I've done some Perl, Java, and C++ but not much experience in the practical application of these. Know SQL well and use daily. I think I would like to focus on a scripting language or technologies with a view towards test automation, and am interested (maybe) in the NoSQL movement. I was thinking of Ruby, or Grails since they have come up in recent interviews but actually would like to begin with something I can get up to speed and apply quickly.
I can probably devote up to 4 hours a day studying (at work, thus the anon).
Also, recent employers who have contacted me have been LAMP shops, so maybe something in that.
Any ideas/suggestions appreciated.
Post here but if need follow-up email: askmetafilter44@gmail.com).
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I work in this role, have been since 1997, and like you I tried management, said "screw this" and returned to a testing/developing frameworks role.

1. learn Selenium, specifically how to use it with python or java. Selenium 2 is coming out soon, and it's great stuff


Then work on using ant or maven to drive your test suites and learn how to hook them into continous build systems. Companies are looking for people who actually know how to do this well.

2. You didn't say what kind of software you usually test, but if you're looking at LAMP shops that build websites, I highly recommend you pick up some data munging skills with perl or python. The ability to crunch error logs & access logs for log playback, debugging and so forth is good to know how to do and very good programming practice.
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2nding Lyra4

quickest results / high bang for the buck / neat-o factor : jQuery (and javascript)

Other good contenders: python, ruby
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