Name my crossfit box!
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What's a great name for a Crossfit gym?

I know a number of mefites are crossfitters... I'm thinking of opening a crossfit box, and am stuck on what to name it. Not loving the fairly common convention of naming the box after its location, would prefer a creative name. What are the best names the hive mind can suggest for my venture?

(anon because plans are still in the sort of tentative planning stages where I don't want to share them with the world yet, but critical to name the place because I am starting in on the paperwork and the place needs a name on paper ).
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Whatever the case, try to center your name around central training strategies rather than "Crossfit Super-Hardcore-Tribal-Tattoo-Haven." It will mean any legitimate strength-and-conditioning person outside Crossfit will not immediately write you off as a joke.
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If we look at affiliate names that are non-geographical (and not named after the owner, like Mike's or LaLanne), they're either action-oriented (Fire of the Gods, Conquer, Iron Will, Again Faster, Overload, Effects, Foundation, Results, Xplore, Evolution, Game Shape, Natural High), animalistic and primal (Ripper, Primal Fitness, Barbarian, Cannibal, Wolf Pack, The Den), or militaristic (Mountain Warrior, Sparta, Spartan, Iron Major).

Where are you on the pirates vs ninjas war?

Pirates? Pirate CrossFit
Ninjas? Ninja CrossFit
Bears? Grizzly CrossFit

Is there something you're specializing in, in addition to standard CrossFit training? Do you want your affiliate to be hardcore and badass, or funny and ironic? (Pukey the Clown CrossFit will probably scare people away).

Or, if there's nothing else coming to mind:
CrossFit 321Go.
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I was gonna suggest somehing simliar - maybe use concept words like Strength, Endurance, etc and then maybe use the initials with a cool logo?
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The one I go to is called alchemy...have you considered "metallurgy"?
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Simple yet overly beanplate-ish: CrossFit Compare.

This is why: Google's first hit off "CF" is cf. which is one of those citation notations. It literally means "to bring together" (which is what you'll be doing) and is used to compare or contrast (which is what you'll sort of also be doing, whether it's comparing against other ways to work out or comparing who participants were/are with who they want to be, etc.). It could be seen as practically challenging people to check it out (CrossFit Compare - do you dare?). cf. is also probably super easy to logo. And, you know, CrossFit Period.
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SuperCross Fitness?
CrossFire Fitness?
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Use your own name, "Anonymous's Fitness" or "Anonymous's Crossfit" or whatever.

The less creativity involved, the less likely you are to instantly repel people ("ninja fitness"? Really?)
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Get It Done Crossfit! Good way to motivate new and returning members.
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I actually like the CrossFit convention. And it's not just a convention, it's a suggestion, I believe. But here are some ways you could get creative with it - use your area code, use your zip code, use a street name rather than a city, use a landmark or feature: CrossFit 808, CrossFit 90210, CrossFit Sunset Blvd., CrossFit Beachwalk, GoldenGate Crossfit, etc.

But I do like phoebus' suggestion of CrossFit 321go.

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Grr... First sentence should read "I actually like the CrossFit -Region- convention."
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I give you freely the name I thought up as part of a t-shirt idea that I can't produce because I'm affiliated (and CrossFit is trademarked):

CrossFit Tartarus

Roll a boulder
Up a hill
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