How to restore a 1GHz Power PC G4 Mac to factory settings?
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I'm giving my 1GHz Power PC G4 Mac to a charity because I'm getting a new Intel-based one. What's the best way to restore it to factory settings, so there's no trace of my personal data or installed programs on it? Thanks.
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These instructions are for Snow Leopard, but the process is basically the same as it has been for years.
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Best answer: This walkthrough might be at least as helpful, as it explains how to have the Setup Assistant run on bootup, with no users configured.
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Best answer: I would make sure to do a secure erase. 7-pass if you're anal; zeroes if you're only a little paranoid.

Boot from the OS install disk, find Disk Utility from the dropdown menus, and go to town.
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Response by poster: thanks folks!
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Easiest? Remove your hard drive, put in a cheap new one. Install the OS fresh from DVDs/CDs.
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