How to fax with iMacs?
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Can a new iMac still be used for faxing?

At my office, we got rid of our fax machine years ago. But once in a while we still need to send or receive a fax. We've used Macs with fax software for this: first an orange iMac, then a white desklamp-style ones. Both had modems built in.

Now we want to replace that machine with a nice new Intel iMac. Of course Apple removed the built-in modems from their machines a few years ago, but they did sell an Apple USB modem. Now that's not available anymore either.

I know that there are third-party USB modems out there, but does anyone know for sure that the new iMac support them? Or even if there is fax software available? Does the "print to fax" function still exist or work in the new OS X?

If anyone out there is using a new iMac to send and receive faxes, let me know how you're doing it!
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The system preferences still refer to it as "Print & Fax", and "Fax printer" is still an option there, so yes.
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Hardware-wise, this will probably see you right.
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I use Skype and Pamfax. So much easier that anything else.
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If you can find a USB analog modem. You can't order an iMac with a modem.

If you just need a dedicated FAX Mac, you could find an old G5 with a Modem. More than beefy enough. I still use my DP 1.8GHz G5 for my primary Mac at home and it's got a modem.
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Response by poster: Like I said, I know that iMacs don't have modems and that third-party USB modems exist.

I'd really like to know if anyone here is using a newer Intel iMac to fax and how they're doing it--which modem, software, etc.
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Best answer: I know for a fact that a brand new Intel iMac can send and receive faxes with an old Apple USB modem (purchased from ebay for about $5) with no additional software installation required. Mac OS X 10.4 - 10.6 includes support for using USB modems for internet dialup as well as fax send and receive.
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Response by poster: Thanks, RichardP! Exactly what I wanted to confirm.
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One alternative that works quite well even if it's a bit costly is You send and receive all faxes as emails.
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We're an exclusively Mac household and have tried everything out there and find PamFax (donwload the Mac software) the best, by far. Fast, simple, and about 12 cents per fax.
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