iPod Touch won't turn on
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Can my iPod Touch be brought back from the dead?

The other morning the battery on my iPod was low. I figured I would just charge it in the car on my way to work. It wouldn't turn on when I plugged it into my car charger, so I figured the battery was so low it needed to charge for a bit before turning on. No luck.

I've tried different cables and chargers and nothing works. One charger indicates that it is not even charging the iPod when it's plugged in.

I've tried everything listed on these two pages from Apple with no luck. Is there anything else that can be done? Could the battery need replacing? There is no nearby Apple store that I can bring it to to get looked at. Any ideas?
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Is there a nearby Apple Authorized Service Provider who can look at it?
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Apple's warranty service is pretty fast so if you want to just send it in, I recommend that if you've not had success with the recommended procedures. If you're past the warranty it will cost around $50 to have a replacement sent. Better than no ipod.
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Has this unit had any other trauma, water damage, been dropped lately?

Plug it into a charger that at least indicates that it is charging on the phone for 24 hours. Then do the Power/Home button trick but you may need to do it for much longer than 10 seconds as it says on the Apple page. Again, be 100% that the device is fully charged even if the display doesn't reflect that.

I have a device that has this same issue after water damage. Normally I hold Home and then Power for 15-2- seconds. Sometimes I have to hold them for up to 40 seconds. On some occasions if I depress and press the Power button a few times after the first 15 seconds it also turns on. I don't intimately know all the electrical "innards" of an iPod Touch but my guess is that a capacitor or resistor that connects the power button to the battery is failing/damaged and it takes a little more "push" to get it started. On non-water damaged devices that have this issue, it is only an occasional problem but on my water-damaged device I need to do this EVERY time. Good luck.
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I had something like that happen to mine. Brought it to a local independent service center, they replaced the power switch, back in business.
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Note it was out of warranty at the time. re: lizbunny's comments above, I don't think out of warranty service can be had for $50. Apple quoted me $150 to replace my 2G Touch with a refurbished unit.
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