How do I hide youtube comments?
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How do I hide youtube comments in Safari?
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You can install GreaseKit or NinjaKit and use the No YouNoobs Userscript. Or, you can use Fluid to make a YouTube-specific browser. Fluid has built-in support for Greasemonkey scripts.
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the A Cleaner YouTube extension for Safari hides comments, among other things.
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I use the Shut Up extension in Safari (found in the Safari Extensions Gallery) which hides YouTube and most newspaper site comments, You can turn the comments on/off on a site by site basis.
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On a more case-by-case basis, quietube
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Having something that still works when you email links to people is good, otherwise you end up linking to a nasty discussion/argument you didnt even see because your PC has it blocked.

If you have your own webspace, here's some cool javascript which can be used very much like Quietube, it uses a redirect to embed any youtube url on the fly
So for example I can just change this

to this:

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You want shutup.css. It started out as a custom stylesheet, but the Safari extension is what I use. It's wonderful.

Disclaimer: I work for the guy who wrote this.
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As far as site features go, Safety Mode will hide comments (on the bottom of the page in the links in the footer, click on Safety Mode).

However it will also hide racy videos, so may not be what you want (especially since "racy" can be used kind of loosely).

Otherwise any number of extensions/etc will do it.
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