What Part of 'Delete' Isn't Working?
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How do I stop Picasa web albums from creating a new folder every time I edit one in the Picasa software?

I have been having trouble with this for quite a while now and am getting frustrated. Here's the issue:

I have a folder of pictures in Picasa that I have uploaded and synced to Picasa Web Albums. Let's call it Holiday 1.

If I go back into Holiday 1 and delete a few, it saves the changes and creates a new folder in Picasa web albums. Now there are two Holiday 1 folders - one with say, 33 pictures and the new one with 28.

In a perfect world I would want the original Holiday 1 folder on Picasa web albums to reflect this change automatically, and go from 33 to 28 without creating a brand new duplicate folder. Is this possible? Is there an option to change this somewhere that I have missed?

Normally this wouldn't be such an issue except that it's a bit of a complication to delete web albums and will take forever.

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Where are you deleting the pictures from? If you delete the pictures from WITHIN Picassa and AFTER the folder is synced then this shouldn't happen (in theory). This problem will definitely occur if you delete a picture from anywhere outside of Picassa (ex. if you go to Windows Explorer and delete). If the Picassa web album suddenly has more photos than the album on your computer, your computer will sync to a new album, thus creating a duplicate.

If you are deleting the photos from within Picassa and after the folder is already synced, then I'm not sure why this would happen, as it shouldn't.
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Response by poster: I am deleting them from in Picasa and not from the source folder. I don't know why it isn't tracking the changes rather than create a whole new folder.
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you might want to try creating 'albums' in picasa instead of sync'ing folders. however, this means that if you remove 5 pictures from the 'album', they still exist in the folder.
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