How does our birth date shape where we fit in the school system?
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Birth date + American school system = high probability of success in _____?

It's known that children born between September and November excel in sports, due to their physical maturity vs. their classmates born through the rest of the year.

What other studies are out there about birth month, location, weather, etc. correlating with interesting traits?
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Best answer: This site has data for the effects of relative age in hockey, soccer, baseball, academic achievement, suicide, and self-esteem.
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The book Outliers covers this, both sports and academics. I'm not sure where he got his statistics and I don't have the book in front of me, but maybe check it for a bibliography.
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Best answer: Somewhat related: parents having their kids start school a year later than they otherwise might, so that they'll be one of the older kids in the class, is sometimes called 'redshirting'. Might be a useful search term for you.
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Remembering that each state has its own rules on the subject. My October birthday made me the youngest kid in my class in California, but I would have been the oldest kid if I'd started in Ohio (though Ohio lets you start your kid at age 7; when I got to college at 16 I was three years younger than the average freshman.)
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In Outliers, it's actually the reverse. Kids born in January through August tend to do better than their peers born later in the year. I don't have the book in front of me, but only one or two of the top athletes looked at were born after August. Most were January through March babies.
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Many parents in my a friend's city (Calabasas, CA) are holding their kids back a year so they'll be "better" than the other kids in sports and school. One father is doing this so his son will be 19 years old a month into his senior year. Therefore, he'll be better at football than the other kids. That's really the reason he gave: Football.

If you know this city, you'll know this type of asshole-arry is pretty commonplace.
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Best answer: There is a term for this, sideshow, and it's known as "redshirting". The term comes from sports, but parents are holding their kids back a year for academic reasons too.
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I just found out a week or so ago that your birth month correlates with a rise in the risk of having schizophrenia.
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