What are the top talent agencies for journalists?
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What are the top talent agencies for a journalist seeking to get into television work?

I am a print journalist looking to get into broadcast journalism and I need to find good representation, but I don't know which agencies are specifically good for journalists. So far specialist agencies I have found are N.S. Bienstock and Headliners Media. What others are out there and really good?

Or to ask it another way, what agencies represent the top broadcast journalists?
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Would you mind clarifying if you wanted to work in production or as an on air consultant?
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If you don't have a killer reel, you should start building one. It's unlikely that any agency will even glance at you if you have no on-camera experience. If you want to be a reporter/anchor/correspondent, you usually start out in a very small market, as a one-man-band, meaning you produce, shoot, report and edit your own stories. You do know how to shoot video, right? Even Lara Logan knows how to do that stuff.

If you're just looking to become a guest or a featured expert, your print agent can probably help with that. If you've written on a particular subject, get your stories into the hands of the morning show producers, talk show producers, etc., along with a link to your blog (where you're showcasing video of yourself chatting about your particular subject of expertise.)

You usually have to start with the work, and then the agencies come to you. You don't hire an agent unless you've got some very high-profile work that will serve as a door-opener.
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Response by poster: I want to work on air, and I do have a showreel of very high profile work on air already (I write for a major publication and am asked to be a guest speaker on TV often). Not asking for advice about how to get an agent, I'm asking which agencies are best for journalists. I have already met with NS Bienstock and Headliners, but want to see the whole lay of the land before I make a decision.

So, to repeat: Which agencies are best for journalists seeking to work on air. I am looking for names. Thanks!
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I apologize for telling you what you already know, sorry.

Frank Magrid is very well regarded, Ken Linder in Los Angeles, but does handle clients all over the country, Wm Morris has an on-air division that's very good at integrating other media as well for their clients.
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I would suggest NS Bienstock because I have encountered that name the most during my time at ABC News.
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