Dark music?
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Can you help me find other pieces of "dark" music to enjoy?

I am looking to expand my collection of music that I consider dark and epic. There's something about the following songs/pieces that I get a thrill from, and I'd like to find others. I've created several pandora channels from these leads, but none have hit just the right feel. Can you recommend others in the vain of the following?

Avalon - Sigur Ros
For My Demons - Katatonia
Plainsong - The Cure
Nowhere/Catastrophe - Ulver (particularly the chorus)
Decades - Joy Division
Closing (Mishima soundtrack) - Philip Glass

I don't care what genre, as long as it captures the same "mood". I also care little for lyrics, I just tune them out when I listen and please, ignore any attached video, I'm only linking for the music
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Maybe not what you're thinking of, but Mozart's Requiem is pretty awesome.
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I would say that the entirety of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' "Let Love In" album would suit you, as well as a few other random Nick Cave songs--a lot of their stuff is a bit spare and might not have the "wall of sound" aspect that I think you're getting at, but you might give the "Henry's Dream" ( and "The Good Son" (esp. "The Ship Song") albums a listen as well, and also check out the earlier track "The Mercy Seat".
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Godspeed You Black Emperor tend to push the "dark" and "epic" buttons for me.

there's supposed to be a ! somewhere in that band name
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You're clearly going in the right direction because I already love Nick Cave. I would say Do You Love Me? (Part 1 and Part 2) would be the best example of the mood I'm aiming for.
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My Bloody Valentine has a number of songs in that vein. Example: Sometimes

Likewise, trip-hop like Portishead (Glory Box), Massive Attack (Mezzanine), UNKLE (Rabbit in Your Headlights).

Fuck Buttons - Sweet Love for Planet Earth.
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Black Swan by Thom Yorke.

Mostly because I just listened to it since was on my mind after seeing the trailer for the new Darren Aronofsky movie.
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Bat for Lashes (Daniel, Siren Song), Fever Ray (Dry & Dusty, Keep The Streets Empty For Me), M83 (Too Late), Lamb (Heaven). also, a lot of the music suggested in my old askme might fit: spooky, ethereal rock to write to.
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Dark Sanctuary
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Slint, "Spiderland"

Morphine, "Cure For Pain" and "Good"

Earth, "The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull" and "Hex; or Printing In The Infernal Method"

Sunn0))), "Monoliths and Dimensions"*

*Must be listened to on headphones at ear-bleeding volume, might be deemed unlistenable since it sounds like glaciers calving and/or a television tuned to static playing in a dark and empty room.
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The Paper Chase
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Spend some time with the Coil Catalog.

my two personal favs:
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Roky Erickson. Here's Night of the Vampires.
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Just about anything from Black Angels (although their new album is a little more pop-ish.)

Sleepy Sun's Open Eyes.

Since you dig Nick Cave, I am going to assume you already have Dirty Three on your playlist... but the soundtracks Nick & Warren did for Assassination of Jesse James & the Proposition are also great.
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Little Black Angel or Fall Apart by Death in June

Plants and Rags by PJ Harvey

Janitor of Lunacy
- Nico (really the whole album 'Desertshore')

Your River - My Dying Bride
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Oh, my choice for Roky Erickson would be Right Track Now, even though it's not his song.
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Here are a few things that go in some different directions.

Might find something you like in Projekt: The New Face of Goth. As a compilation, it has several artists.

For dark, emotional lyrics, Bang Bang Bang or Fast Car by Tracy Chapman are some of my favorites.

For power of singing, I would have to say that Sinnerman by Nina Simone and Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday are both extremely moving.
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Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead
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Dark Ambient has a ton of the music you are looking for.

artist - album (song)

Gustaf Hildebrand - Starscape (song: Dead Transmissions)

Steve Roach - The Magnificent Void (Infinite Shore)

Tangerine Dream - Zeit (Birth of Liquid Plejades)

Arecibo (a Lustmord side project) - Trans Plutonian Transmissions (NGC 5128 Receiving Station Alignment)

Kammarheit - The Starwheel (Hypnagoga)

Karl Sanders - Saurian Meditation (Of the Sleep of Ishtar)

raison d'etre - In Sadness, Silence, and Solitude (Falling Twilight)

Northaunt - Horizons (Night Alone)

Agahst - Hexerei Im Zwielict Der Finsternis (Das Irrlicht)
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Shostakovich (lots, but check out opus 110 to start)

Altar (Boris and Sunn O))))
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Slowdive - Souvlaki Space Station album
Spiritualized - Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space (Listen to the the title track)
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Low - I Could Live in Hope (see track 4, Sunshine)

and if you want to go really dark:
A Silver Mt Zion - He Has Left Us Alone But Shafts Of Light Sometimes Grace The Corners Of Our Rooms (track 5: 13 Angels Standing Guard 'Round the Side of Your Bed", track 7: Blown-out Joy from Heaven's Mercied Hole)

I don't like the rest of the album, but Could've Moved Mountains from Born Into Trouble as the Sparks Fly Upwards by A Silver Mt Zion is also quite dark.

Oh yes, and M83 - "Saturdays = Youth". The first track is glorious.
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Tom Opdahl: Black Smoker
Stars of the Lid: The Ballasted Orchestra
Troum: Sigqan
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A Whisper In The Noise: In The Dark.

Mono: Com

Danny The Dog theme song.
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The Black Heart Procession - Waterfront (The Sinking Road)
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Glenn Danzig's Black Aria. The whole album.
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Some very dark progressive rock bands:

Univers Zero
Art Zoyd
Shub Niggurath
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Scott Walker - Tilt; The Drift; Climate of Hunter; first four tracks on the Walker Brothers Nite Flights.
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band, albums, example track:

Mugstar - Mugstar. My Babyskull Has Not Yet Flowered

Her Name is Calla - The Heritage. Nylon

The Vandelles - Del Black Aloha. Dash'N'Dive
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Alice in Chains - "Angry Chair"

Foreboding, depressing.
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All of Damnation by Opeth, but maybe Closure in particular.

Opeth is mainly a death metal band, but people not acquainted with the genre seem to love their lighter acoustic stuff. The vocalist/guitarist Mikael Åkerfeldt was with Katatonia for a while. Some more excellent (mostly non-metal) tracks by Opeth:

Porcelain Heart
To Bid You Farewell
Face of Melinda
Still Day Beneath the Sun
Patterns in the Ivy Parts I and II
Death Whispered a Lullaby
Hope Leaves

Promise and the Monster:

Night Out

The album "First Utterance" by 60s folk group Comus is incredibly dark. If you get a chance, put it on and listen all the way through. It's a story about the hunter goddess Diana (symbol of purity and virginity) going into the woods and being seduced (and ultimately raped) by the young god Comus (son of Bacchus and Hecate). The album sounds strange at first, but it grows on you quickly.

Lyrics: "Diana, Diana, pick your feet up. Lust bares his teeth and whines. For he's picked up the scent of virtue, and he knows the panic signs..."

Another metal band who took a foray into non-metal music (and ultimately departed entirely from it) is one of the bands you mentioned; Ulver. To me, some of their darkest stuff is from the album Kveldssanger.

A Capella (Sielens Sang)
Kledt I Nattens Farger

Red Music Diabolos

Star Crossed

Not Unlike the Waves
A Desolation Song
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Ugh, that link to Opeth's Closure has terrible audio. Try this one instead.
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I came in here to recommend Scott Walker so I'll just second porn in the woods.
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