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Where does the Internet keep good online erotica?

The "erotica" tag seems to be oriented toward erotica in book form, and porn. I'm looking for erotica online.
*What are your favorite go-to websites?
*If you know of a great stand-alone story, I'll read that, too.
*What genres are there in erotic writing?

I have really enjoyed the occasional erotica that I have found in the past (no other unifying theme to these), but haven't read enough to have developed strong preferences yet. Vanilla, hardcore, strange... all suggestions are welcome at this point.

Bonus points for the following:
*going light on the misogyny
* good grammar and spelling
* all-text websites.
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Is this what you are looking for?

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Do you have a favorite silly TV show, movie, or book series that appeals to a somewhat thoughtful audience? Inception, Star Trek, Merlin, Supernatural, Stargate, etc.? If you're not morally opposed to fanfiction, that is where this is hiding. Tens of thousands of intelligent and friendly women write erotica in those universes for fun, from "slash" to "het" and in all possible combinations of interests and styles. A lot of it has good grammar and spelling, the culture is very woman-positive, and usually it's on LiveJournal or Archive of Our Own, which are primarily text-only. I was not a fanfiction person for a long time, but I ended up there and it's oddly refreshing. I always found sites like literotica squicky.
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I like Clean Sheets Magazine, but totally second the recommendation of getting into fanfic.
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I like http://www.oystersandchocolate.com/erotica.aspx. It stays away from misogyny, you can browse according to sections (like vanilla or light kink), and the writing is generally very high quality.
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Along with ASSTR, Nifty.org is another venerable story archive — though it's (almost entirely) devoted to gay and lesbian stories, and that may not be what floats your boat.
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Seconding jfricke: literotica.com. It's broken down into categories, the whole site is searchable, and while the quality of the content varies, it's grammatically clean for the most part. I'm not an expert, but the wide variety of content leads me to hypothesize there's something there for almost everyone.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions so far! I look forward to reading stories from these links.

Any mix of genders is fine; I tend to be attracted by sexuality in good stories, regardless of gender.

What are some genre-specific websites? My thought is that these might do their genre better than a catch-all site.
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Another thing to try is fanfiction about characters in TV shows, movies, comics, books, etc. you like. I have had good luck Googling [Character A name] [Character B name] "fan fiction" "NC-17". You can also filter stories on FanFiction.net for Rating: M.

Yes, there's a lot of terrible fanfiction out there to weed through, but when you come across the hottest Mulder/Scully fic ever then the searching is all made worthwhile. :)
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You might try Mr Double
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Response by poster: I just discovered a ton of stuff at http://www.metafilter.com/tags/erotica ... don't know why I didn't think to check that before, but there it is.
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Response by poster: More.
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