Help me find big helmets.
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Help me find the right motorcycle helmet(s) for my gigantic, oddly shaped head.

Any suggestions on a reasonably priced, more oval/narrow-shaped helmet? I have a huge (3XL, borderline 4XL) head and suffer from "hot spot" after an hour or so, so I think that means I need a narrower helmet... yet I'm having trouble finding well-rated, cheaper helmets of this shape. Anyone have any favorites? I'm scouring the webbikeworld list right now but sometimes it's hard to find places that sell the stuff they review.

Also, has anyone EVER seen a XXXL or larger open-face helmet? I'd like to have a 3/4 helmet for my scooter but apparently they don't exist for my gigantic noggin.
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Best answer: I've got pretty large noggin myself and found that the Shoei line fits me a little better than most. Despite what their website currently says, the do indeed make at least a 3XL. I've got a XXXL RF-1000 that gives me plenty of room and is quite comfortable. I tried on probably 20 different makes and models before I found one that worked for me. There is quite a bit of variation in size and shape across the market.
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Check out the helmet reviews at They break it down by purpose and then head shape. They have a ton of video reviews.
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Best answer: Arai is known for having helmets for 3 distinct head shapes. PDF link here. They are definitely not cheap though.

No matter what, you need to try on the helmet before you buy it, so you really should go to a place that has a pretty wide selection and start trying them on. Each brand will fit slightly differently.
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A helmet is the last thing you should be trying to save money on. Find a large motorcycle dealer and try on every helmet they've got.
That said, my Shoei fits my big dome well, however my head is a different odd shape than yours.
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Yet another large headed Shoei wearer here (XR1100). Mine cost the best part of a week's pay, unfortunately, but it is very comfortable.
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See also webBikeWorld's section on ... extra large helmets!
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