Looking for cat sitter in south Austin
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We've just moved to the southern part of Austin (about 1 mile NW of the I-35/71 interchange) and we're out of our current pet sitter's regular driving range. She's covering us for this weekend and for Thanksgiving but it's a significant extra mileage fee, so we're looking for personal recommendations for a cat sitter in the area for the future, starting with Christmas. If you can find us someone sooner, we'll be extra grateful, but we are covered for this month. In accordance with cat-related AskMe rules, Linnete and Laudine appreciate your help.
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I recently started using All Animals Considered. Michael has a small staff that takes care of different areas of town. You get to meet the person before you commit, of course, and they're just as interested in getting to know your pets. They have a pretty extensive questionnaire to make sure they cover all the bases of your pets' nuances, medication requirements, schedules, etc.

My wife and I had them sit for two cats for about seven days a few weeks ago. Our sitter not only checked in on our cats once a day (you can request more visits), but also took in the mail, watered some plants, and flipped some light switches to make the house look lived in. She left a very nice note when she was done letting us know how our cats fared. We were very pleased. Memail if you want any more info.
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We have been incredibly happy with Companion Care.
They have sat for our two (and now one) dogs for years and my normally depresso pup is always ecstatic about their presence.

Christmas might be difficult with it being such short notice.
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Back when I lived in south Austin, I had a great experience with Joelyn Weeks. She kept a little diary for every visit, which we always enjoyed reading after we got back from out of town. Back in 2008, she charged $20 per visit for south Austin. (We would've kept using Joelyn, but we moved, and now we just have our neighbor feed our cat.) If you'd like her email/phone, shoot me a mefi mail.
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