Architectural people-figures in Austin, TX?
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Where can I get plastic, unpainted architectural scale models of people (figures) in Austin, TX? Like these. HO scale preferred; O would be OK.

So far I have been to: Hobby Town on S. Lamar, Hobby Lobby on S. Lamar, King's Hobby on N. Lamar, Great Hall Games on N. Lamar to see if gaming minis would be OK, but they're all soldiers (hey, these are all on Lamar!), and called Jerry's Artarama.

Please hope me. I really don't want to order them online, but I will if I have to.
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I would give Jerry's Artarama a call. They might have them or at least point you in the right direction.
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6010 N.IH 35
Austin, TX 78752
(512) 420-9359

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Or you might try Studio Maquette. It looks like they build models, and don't sell supplies, but if you don't need too many, maybe they could hook you up (or point you in the right direction).

I read your question. Twice. And somehow I still missed that you called Jerry's already. I fail at teh komprehenshun.
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Hobby Town, located here appears to have a full selection of HO figures. A quick search did not turn up any other model railroad sources in Austin.

If you want to purchase online, carries a pretty full line of items from Walthers, which probably has the largest inventory of model railroad stuff anywhere. Prices will probably be the same wherever you buy. I rarely see any of these discounted, though you can find HO stuff on ebay, especially this time of year.

Good luck.
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I believe one of the larger military model houses is near by.
MMD is in Carrollton, Texas (in Dallas), they will have 1/87 stuff.
Or find a good model railroad hobby store.
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Go to a model railway (railroad) store and buy boxes of Preisler figures. These are high quality, unpainted yet a tad expensive
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For future reference, O scale is going to be slightly larger than 28mm, which is the scale for most rpg miniatures of the faux-lead and plastic variety. If you really want HO, rpg miniatures and the related fantasy wargame minis are probably out.

Having said that, if you want to check another gaming shop, try Dragon's Lair on Burnet just north of Allandale/Koenig. I would have suggested King's for model railroad figures; I don't know of any other local model railroad shops.
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