Who's making the best deep house in the world?
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Who's producing the best deep/latin/jazzy/disco house music these days? I no longer have the time to go to clubs or crate-digging so I've lost touch with the community. Please tell me who you love, who's making the music that makes you move, and who's on your "most played" list! Live streams are are great, but I'm really looking for stuff I can download/buy.

I used to be cool and spin records, now I'm not-quite-so-cool and change diapers but I still love the music.

Some things I like (in no particular order):
Om Records
Naked Music (the Carte Blanche and Nude Dimensions series in particular)
Hed Kandi
Miguel Migs
Etienne de Crecy
St. Germain
Frou Frou
Ian Pooley
Jill Scott
Lazy Dog/Ben Watt/Buzzin' Fly
Bossa Mundo

(I checked out this http://ask.metafilter.com/113019/Upbeat-jazzy-techno and this http://ask.metafilter.com/144997/Electronic-music-recommendations and neither was as focused as what I'm looking for).
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Since I listen to about half of what you've listed, I'll give it a try and hope you dig something here: Cheers.
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Duck Sauce!
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