Which kind of doctor should I see for a possible mouth infection?
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Which doctor should I go to if I think I have an infection in my mouth: a dentist or a physician?

I think I might have an infected Stenson's Duct (warning: photos of mouth infections). I've got a red and white lump in about the right place on the interior of my cheek. Which doctor is more appropriate for dealing with this kind of infection: dentist or physician?
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Either one would be able to help you out; I'd go ahead and see whichever doctor I was more comfortable with.
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The answer for health related issues is almost always going to be: "Go see a doctor damn it." But clearly that can be expensive in many parts of the world.

If you've got a family doctor, give them a call. They can advise you better on that. They might even be able to advise over the phone if you can't make it in, but I'd expect them to be reluctant to do so.

Doctors definitely do deal with throat infections and such.
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Given that my medical insurance is a hell of a lot better than my dental insurance - and my MD is easier to get in to see than my dentist - I'd be going to the MD.

If that's the case for you, I'd go the same route.
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Depending on your insurance, you've probably got better coverage for a regular doctor visit than for a dentist visit.
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Add me to the chorus of "Whichever will be cheaper for you."
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My dentist handles my teeth and my MD handles everything behind and below the teeth. Their work overlaps in my gums and jaw, so I would say a physician.

or a which doctor!
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Physician it is. Cheers!
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See if you can find an Oral Pathologist.
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It is unlikely that you have an infected Stenson's duct (because, it is a rare occurance...). It is more likely that you have an inflamed duct, or that you bit your cheek.
My prejudice (and it may be too late), is, of course, that you see a dentist. We look at cheeks all day every day, and in the off chance that you have something truly worrisome (and I hope that you do not), a dentist would be able to numb you and biopsy the area immediately, while a physician probably would not.
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In case anyone is at the edge of their seats wondering, I do indeed have an infected Stenson's duct, and now have an antibiotic prescription as well. Hooray for medicine!
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