Best Sled ride in LA
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Where to sled in SoCal?

Each winter I want to go sledding. each winter I cannot figure out where to go. we wound up spending a day at the Mountain High Tube Park, which is fun, but far from the experience I am hoping to rekindle and bring to my son who is born and raised in Los Angeles.

A friend recently recommended a hill near Sun Valley and the way to Big Bear that he says is right off the road and is a good spot, but I was hoping for some more specifics and other options.

I also recently was up at Mt Pinos in the Los Padres National Forest and that looked promising, but again I would love some specific places to go to.

Thanks folks!

(Venice, California)
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I grew up in North County San Diego. Every winter we would head up to Palomar Mountain State Park, which has the added advantage of having the Palomar Observatory.
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I recommend Mt. Baldy if there is recent snow.
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Response by poster: Thanks, I would love any specifics like, what roads and where to park, etc. if possible.

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This article mentions Starvation Flats road up in Big Bear, but we ended up taking our 4 year old twins last year to Big Bear Snow Play park, also mentioned in the article.
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OP, I think your friend means Snow Valley, not Sun Valley. Sun Valley is in Idaho. The tubing place he is talking about is called Snowdrift Snow Tubing Park, and it is directly next to Snow Valley, on highway 18. I used to live in that area -- my mom used to work at Snow Valley. Details here if you scroll down a bit.
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