Is there a web site that can help me analyze my diet?
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Is there an online nutrition calculator that will let me input what I'm eating and provide an analysis?

I'd like it to provide feedback on my intake of both calories and nutrients. Ideally, I'd just input what I've eaten and in what quantity, and it would let me run daily and weekly reports that would tell me what I'm getting enough of, not enough of, and too much of. Bonus: I want to enter in not only the foods that I'm eating but supplements as well. The multivitamin I take has too many nutrients to enter them individually, so I would rather enter it by brand. Does this exist?
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Fitday does a nutrient analysis for foods but I don't think it covers supplements. It's a fascinating tool though.
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Have you looked at Their free version doesn't have the kind of reporting flexibility you're looking for, but the paid version may have more of what you're looking for.
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The (US) government provides a free one here.

My girlfriend's been using it for a nutrition class she's taking and it seems to do most of the stuff you want. Dunno about the supplements though.
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I've used Fitday and Sparkpeople and I really like the latter a lot more.
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CRON-O-Meter is what the calorie restriction folks apparently use to make sure they're getting enough nutrients. I don't think it covers supplements, but you can add things to the database and not have to enter it again. It's a (free) program that you download, not an online tool.
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MyPyramid doesn't seem to have the ability to enter in custom foods, so if you're not eating what's in their database then you're out of luck.

CRON-O-Meter looks AMAZING. I'm going to download that as soon as I get home. Thanks!
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Sparkpeople (mentioned above) has the USDA database underlying it, plus it's supplemented with user-submitted nutrition information for just about every food and supplement and recipe you can imagine. When you search for a food to add to your nutrition tracker, just be sure to check the box that says "search foods shared by other members". So, for example, you can type in "Centrum Multivitamin" and it returns a whole slew of results that you can just import into your tracker.

I also think Sparkpeople's reporting function is more versatile than Fitday's--you can specify any range of dates you want it to report on, whereas Fitday just offers a couple of options (1 week, 2 weeks, month, 2 months).
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Daily Plate
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I've had a lot of trouble with SparkPeople for micronutrients, especially the user-entered foods. They thought milk and coconut water didn't have any potassium!
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I used the LiveStrong daily plate VERY successfully for a month. It was easy to input what I had regularly, I created my own custom meals for the takeout that I had frequently. Within a week I had a great understanding of what I was over doing, and what I was not getting enough of.
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I LOVE Cron-O-Meter. It's the bomb. Calorie counting stinks, but if you have to do it, definitely use Cron-O-Meter.
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Yeah, I've been playing with Cron-o-meter for the past 45 minutes and it is awesome. If you're looking for in depth tracking of micronutrients, it's definitely the best of everything I've used.
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I'd like to say thanks to unannihilated for posting CRON-o-Meter. I don't do calorie restriction, but this is amazing for tracking just about everything. I was fed up with SparkPeople and FitDay and all those, but this is perfect!
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