Will the BSG Boardgame work with seven players?
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Will the Battlestar Galactica boardgame (no expansions) still work OK with seven people? I have a clued-up bunch of tastefully nerdy friends who've never played it before, but there are seven of us (the game says it's for '3-6'). Will this present problems? Are there any rules hacks we should introduce?
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Best answer: Check out this BGG thread with some useful discussion / hacks on the topic...
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Best answer: Check out this thread at the boardgamegeek.
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(when in doubt about a board game, check BBG)

There will be some extra down time, and players won't have that many turns, but it should be workable. It'll also probably be a bit long with that many new players.

There are a couple of necessary rule changes -
*At most one of Baltar or Boomer can be chosen [otherwise you'll run out of loyalty cards]
* The Sympathizer card counts as "Your are not a Cylon" [since you'll have 3 Cylons already]

Then, there are suggestions for increasing the resources/decreasing the requires jump distance for humans, as the extra cylon is certainly an advantage.

Note: I've played, but only with 5 players.
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Oh, and another suggestion to not make it too easy for the Cylons is to have the 3rd Cylon shuffled in for the sleeper phase.
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Best answer: Great, so essentially 'yes', but remove Boomer (since we already have a Baltar), change the sympathiser to 'not a cylon', stir in two cylons at the sleeper phase and keep things moving along at a tidy pace.

Shweet, thanks all.
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(since we already have a Baltar)

So characters were pre-chosen?
Was it just on the basis of favorite-character-ness, or are you familiar with the special abilities of the characters in the game? Did you choose in turn order? That can make a difference, like making sure to balance skillcard colors and roles etc.

But you will love the game, and play tons of times, and come up with all sorts of house rules of your own.. so enjoy. This game is a lot less about mechanics than it is about "the experience", and it never gets old for me.
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Response by poster: Nah, the player (Sparx, as it happens) has expressed keenness, almost certainly on the basis of the series rather than the game. All others unchosen (though I'm keen on Zarek).
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Baltar is one of the stronger characters, anyway -- his draw-after-the-Crisis ability means he almost always has useful cards. As long as you pay at least some attention to balancing the card colors, it's hard to build a really poor team.

I'd suggest doing it according to the book the first time, though ("Starting with the first player and proceeding clockwise, each player chooses a character of the character type(s) that is most plentiful (political leader, military leader, or pilot). This restriction does not apply to support characters, who may be chosen at any time"). That way you'll be almost certain to end up with a solid team. Also: make someone pick Chief Tyrol!
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