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Is there a command line, er, command to change the level/amount of graphics acceleration under WinXP?

Dug up Icewind Dale 2, it was working well, then I switched to playing Bloodlines, finished it, switched back to IWD2 and it freezes after the loading screen loads (like, wtf? it used to work fine). Finally figured out how to make it work, by decreasing the 'graphics acceleration' under graphics properties -> advanced -> troubleshoot -> decreasing hardware acceleration.

Does anyone know a command-line command to decrease graphics acceleration so I can stick it in a batch file so I won't have to manually change it every time I want to load up IWD2 and change it back when I'm done?

Alternatively, anyone else have/solved this problem in IWD2 (google showed a lot of people had similar problems, no solutions)? The only thing I remember changing when I switched to VMB was to overclock my Ti4200, but turning that off doesn't help, nor returning the 'refresh rate' on my LCD down to 60Hz.
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I don't know of any command but it may be just a registry setting.

What I'd do is set the acceleration to one setting, export the registry to a file and then set it the other way and export to another file. You should then be able to use diff (or windiff) to see what changed and then use vbscript to toggle the two.

Can't guarantee that it'll work though!
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ralawrence - thanks man, I wish I had the time (or the youthful exuberance) that I had when I was learning DOS (and assorted programming languages).

It being a registry setting sounds right, but I've never used vbscript. Maybe I'll buy a programmer friend of mind a couple of scotches and see if he can rig something for me.
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