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I'm having trouble downloading files...

Anytime I try and download a file (such as an MP3) that's, say, 3+ MB the download stops halfway through and I have to restart downloading it. Usually after 4-5 attempts I can finally get the file, but not always. This is the same in both Firefox and IE and it doesn't matter what site I'm trying to download from. I've updated and run my virus and spyware protection. Curiously Bit Torrent seems to have no problem downloading at high rates of speed for hours, but Rhapsody is running slow as well and buffering excessively as well. I have DSL and the bandwidth testers seems to indicate things are okay. I have a Linksys router it's running through, but I had the same problem when I piped it straight from the modem. This is incredibly irritating. Anybody got any ideas to fix this? Thanks as always...
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Could you unknowingly be blocking certain domains and/or IP addresses with your HOSTS file? I know that sometimes when I try and download stuff from certain sites I have to remove my HOSTS file before enabling the download. The fact that you can get a partial download though is somewhat confusing, so don't let me give you the wrong idea or anything.
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I had a similar problem using a Linksys router, and the only solution I found was to put that computer's IP address (192.168.1.x) in the router's DMZ under the advanced settings. It was a real hassle because I was using a laptop and a desktop at the time, and had to change the DMZ depending on where I was downloading.
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I have experienced a very nearly the same problem when I was behind a firewall with a proxy. It doesn't sound like you are in the same situation, but there is a possibility. Do you have any proxy set up on your computer, or does your ISP use one?
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Remove Zone Alarm if you have it. It's the worst firewall ever, and I had a problem very similar to this. You have to remove it in entirety, not just turn it off.
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