Why was Aung San Suu Kyi released?
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Why was Aung San Suu Kyi released?

Looking for links to good articles describing the forces within Myanmar that led to it happening or any insight from those with knowledge on the topic.

Thanks in advance!
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Now I'm not exactly a PhD on Myanmar, but the way the junta works, nobody other than the top leaders know what exactly happened and why she was released.

That said, her last arrest extension was on 11th August 2009, for 18 months, which means it was to be expired in February next year. According to the state-run newspaper, she was "granted a pardon because of good behavior", even though this comes suspiciously close after the recent elections.

For all we know, she could just be re-arrested sometime in the future.
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It was basically an international PR move by the junta following very unfair elections recently held in Myanmar. They realize they need to look at least slightly legit to the world, so they let her go (for now).
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I found the following podcast documentary pretty interesting and informative. It is a profile of Suu Kyi, going so far as to explain her family history as it relates to her role in politics today.
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And the reason they wish to look slightly legit is so they get off the international pariah list and get more potential customers for their gas. There's huge amounts of it coming online in the next few years. The more potential customers, the better the generals' negotiating position in relation to China, their major supporter.
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Seeing as her release was scheduled, it was the path of least resistance. And what everyone else has said about wanting to look less draconian to the people they want to sell natural gas to.

I am sure she will be re-arrested as soon as she does something they can work into a case against her.
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