Help me find the best album cover search engine!
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Help me find the best album cover search engine!

A couple of years ago I used a utility that allowed you to upload a file exported from iTunes, and it would find the album artwork for each album in the playlist.

It was SOOOO much easier than copy-pasting individual albums into a search engine... but I can't find it! Help please!

If I recall correctly, it was just a little site coded up by a kid with some spare time. It was pretty ugly too, from memory. Any ideas?
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Was that CDDB? I think there's a long story there and now freedb is the way to go?
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It's not a website, but if you're using Windows, Album Art Downloader is good. It has a plug-in system, and searches 20 or so websites for your artist/album title.

After it works its magic, you can right-click on an image and copy. Then, right-click on a song (or a whole album's worth of songs) in iTunes, get info, and paste the image into the artwork box.
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I think CDDB was it. I'm using macs these days so the other is a no go for now. Thanks guys.
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